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America Picks A Millionaire


(CBS) Taking a page from "American Idol," the producers of "Survivor" have allowed their viewers to reward another $1 million prize to one of the "Survivor: All-Stars."

With over 38 million votes tallied, Rupert Boneham was awarded the 1 million dollar prize.

All-Star Winner,
Amber Brkich


(CBS)The country's most popular reality game was thrown a curve Sunday night when one of the final two "Survivor: All-Stars" contestants, "Boston Rob" Mariano, pulled out a ring and proposed to the other one, Amber Brkich.

Brkich, who wore a T-shirt proclaiming her love for Mariano, quickly accepted.

Then her night got even better when host Jeff Probst counted the votes from the all-star "Survivor" edition. Brkich, of Beaver, Pa., beat Mariano by a 4-3 margin. She wins $1 million.

Realone Player Amber- Looks Back
Realone Player Early Show- Amber and Rob
Realone Player Early Show- Amber, Rob, Jenna and Rupert.
Realone Player Early Show- Survivors Reunite
Realone Player Early Show- Amber awarded the check.
Realone Player Amber- David Letterman appearance
Windows Media Player ET- Behind the Scenes of the Finale
Windows Media Player ET- Behind the Scenes Pt.2

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Realone Player Sue Hawk's Extreme Makeover


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All-Stars Video Retrospective
Realone Player Video 1
Realone Player Video 2
Realone Player Video 3

Survivor Insider Bonus Videos

Realone Player RobC - bonus
Realone Player RobC - bonus 2
Realone Player Rich - bonus
Realone Player Colby - bonus
Realone Player Jerri - bonus
Realone Player Lex - bonus
Realone Player Kathy - bonus


Windows Media Player All-Star Theme Song
Windows Media Player Probst- Jeff and Jer Show
Windows Media Player Jenna decision to leave
Realone Player Rudy the Day After
Realone Player Tina's Final Words
Realone Player Tina the Next Day
Realone Player Jeff Talks About All-Stars
Realone Player Jeff Handicaps All-Stars

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Story by Mike 2/01/04

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